LAGOS NIGERIA WEATHER | WRAP | Gordhan: It’s time for Moyane to take the stand at the State Capture inquiry

Mpofu asks if Gordhan has evidence that Moyane worked with the hawks every day?

Gordhan said he believes there was collaboration.

Zondo asks if he has personal knowledge?

Gordhan says he has personal knowledge.

Mpofu repeats the questions?

Gordhan says Mpofu is hard of hearing.

Zondo now asks if Gordhan ever saw Moyane working with Hawks?

Gordhan says no.

Zondo asks if he knows someone who has seen Moyane working with the Hawks and who would be able to come before the commission to say so. Gordhan says he will search his memory and let the commission knows if he comes up with a name.

Zondo asks if there is any document that suggests Moyane was working with Hawks everyday.

Gordhan says except for the issues of the charges, no. 

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